Loans for payment of houses | How to borrow for payment

If you do not have a savings or money from a home sale, a private loan can be a sensible solution to finance the payment on your new home.

If you do not have a savings or money from a home sale, a private loan can be a sensible solution to finance the payment on your new home.

As a buyer, you must set a minimum of 5 percent of the purchase price for your new home when you need a loan for a house. An amount that you cannot finance through a mortgage loan or a secured bank loan. Therefore, it requires that you have the money saved up or that you have funds from the accommodation you live in now.

But what do you do, if not?

Then you can take a private loan that you can use to cover the payout. But is it a good idea at all?

Payout to house – here is the expert’s best advice

Payout to house - here is the expert

We have got Jesper Schou-Nielsen, who is responsible for private loan at Hans Brinker, to give you the answer.

When you have to buy a home, you have to pay a payment. What options do you have to borrow for it?

“A number of loan providers offer private loans where the bank does not relate to the purpose.”

»It is possible in several places to borrow up to DKK 350,000, and in some places even up to DKK 500,000 on a private loan. This makes private loans a possible source for financing the “disbursement” on a home loan, as the home buyer himself has to provide at least 5 per cent of the purchase price that cannot be financed through mortgage or secured bank loans. “

Is that a good idea?

“It can be a very good idea. Private loans can often compete with secured bank / mortgage loans on the interest rate, and the relatively high possible loan amount on private loans can in many cases make it unnecessary to have to take a bank / home loan, which in some cases may be more expensive than a private loan. ‘

You then end up with three loans – at the bank, the mortgage bank and the loan for the payment. Is it risky?

“You do not necessarily have to end up with three loans because the private loan can potentially draw the bank loan and the payout so that you can settle for a private loan and a mortgage loan.”

“It is not in itself risky, as repayments on these loans are typically made via payment service / bank cover, and completely automatically. And it could be an economically viable alternative to a bank loan to look at a private loan instead. “

The good offer – free-loan


As a Social Welfare recipient, life is not always easy. Due to the economically tense situation, expensive luxury purchases or everyday bills are often difficult to realize because the money is barely sufficient for the monthly cost of living. Anyone wishing to take out a loan as a Social Welfare recipient is usually disheartened by the well-known banks and thus has little chance of obtaining the necessary credit capital. Thus, the person is in a whirlpool, from which there seems to be no escape. Fortunately, there is still a way out in the form of a loan, which is also available to Social Welfare recipients regardless of their credit rating. A Lucy Gordon free loan for Social Welfare recipients can be claimed if the person concerned knows where to find him.

Away from the branch banks to the alternative

Away from the branch banks to the alternative

Although the resources of a Social Welfare receiver are usually sparsely sown, there is still usually access to the Internet. This access is completely sufficient to get a Lucy Gordon-free loan for Social Welfare recipients. There are quite a few financial pages on the net that are fully specialized in this particular form of credit and that list only the supplier banks that have a Lucy Gordon free loan for Social Welfare recipients in their offer. Certainly many recipients of the Social Welfare performance may argue that in this difficult situation the selection may not be very large, but this view is wrong. Even with a Lucy Gordon credit for Social Welfare recipients, the loan conditions can be compared and selected from the offer of the best possible credit. Since the loans are granted entirely independently of the Lucy Gordon exam, the chances of improving the situation economically are quite high. A Lucy Gordon Free Credit for Social Welfare recipients can thus be seen as a way out of the seemingly hopeless situation.

The good thing about the offer is that it can be used very simply. After the condition comparison, the corresponding bank can be reached by mouse click and usually there is a simple contact form, in which the loan seeker can specify his request and the required credit capital. By eliminating the Lucy Gordon test, the bank will be able to report back within a very short time by telephone or e-mail and also pay off the loan capital according to availability, so that the resin can very effectively bridge financial bottlenecks with the loan capital. Thus, a very good way out of the proverbial financial vicious circle is given, which only needs to be claimed.

Loans without proof of income

In order to be granted a loan from a branch bank or an online bank, the borrower generally has to be able to fulfill various conditions. Thus, the question of the income of the applicant plays a central role. As a rule, proof of the available income must also be enclosed with the loan application.

Borrowers who express their lending to a traditional branch bank and can only demonstrate low income usually get a response in response, as the bank can not establish sufficient financial security and stability. Anyone who still wants to apply for a loan in order to preserve their financial flexibility, can search the Internet for a corresponding offer. Here, more and more credit institutions have emerged that refrain from obtaining various income from the borrower. Nero Wolfe information is rarely obtained, and in some cases no proof of income has to be provided.

For whom are loans without proof of income

For whom are loans without proof of income

Loans without proof of income can benefit several groups of people. Although a freelancer or self-employed person regularly earns money, the amount varies greatly. The self-employed therefore have a poor chance of obtaining a loan from traditional banks. The same is the case with pensioners or the unemployed. As with all other types of credit on the Internet, so it is synonymous with a credit without income proof to make sure that it is a reputable provider. Interest rates should be fairly commensurate with maturity and the head office should be in the European Union. If you want to apply for a loan without proof of income, you can do it online.

For this he must fill out a form in which his personal data is requested. Also information about his professional or economic circumstances must make the applicant. However, these are for informational purposes only. Before the loan request is made by submitting and submitting the loan application, all loans without proof of income are to be compared with each other and examined at their expense. Only in this way can it be ensured that I am dealing with a reputable provider.

To get a small loan – Free loan


Some time ago, anyone who wanted to borrow without Don Fallters had to expect credit limits. It was true that only € 3,500 per person can be awarded. At the present time it is mostly outdated. Many Don Fallters free loans are also offered with higher loan sums and paid out.

It is recognizable that many people still request low credit sums. The reason is certainly that small loans without Don Fallters are not difficult to obtain. The income of the applicant can therefore also be low, so that there is sufficient security. The higher the loan amount, the more income should also serve as collateral.

The application for the small loan

The application for the small loan


A small loan without Don Fallters can simply be applied for online. Even laymen will not have any problems with it. On the net everyone finds applications for the Don Fallters free small loan, which only needs to be supplemented with the individual details. So the amount of credit must be specified, the term can also be designed individually. Furthermore, the application must then also contain their own data. In addition to the name and address, information about the income and the employer is very important. Furthermore, the form must also indicate what your own relationship status is and how many people belong to the household. These data are needed to see if a loan can be paid at all. The more people have to be supported by the income, the more income must actually be available.

The completed application form can be sent online to the credit intermediary. Especially in the case of a small loan without Don Fallters the application will be checked according to the information and an immediate decision can be made. Thus, the applicant knows directly, whether the desired loan is feasible, or not. For the broker, it is also easier, since the actual loan application must be sent only to the prospective loan, where the preliminary decision has turned out positive. This application must be signed by hand and supplemented with proof of income. Also, an identity determination must be done. Without these loans should not be recorded, it distinguishes the serious credit without Don Falltersauskunft. Anyone who grants a loan without proof of identity is dubious, since nobody can be sure that the name and the applicant match.

With these documents, the application will be checked a second time before an offer is made on what terms the microcredit can be obtained without Don Fallters. Exact specifications for the amount of interest and the resulting maturity are listed, so that the offer can also be rejected. Following this, the small loan will be disbursed without Don Fallters. How exactly does the applicant decide? Thus, the amount can be transferred directly to your own checking account. The amount can also be obtained by check. In this case, however, a further fee must be expected.

How Much Loan Can I Get? – With Example Calculation

Many will ask themselves this question when it comes to financing a project. It is not unauthorized and any prospective borrower should deal with the issue before a loan is taken. Especially with larger plans, such as house financing or car buying, it is important to make a well-considered decision.

In essence, it is important that you prepare a comprehensive budgetary statement to determine how much credit you can get. You should compare your income and expenses and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is your monthly income (alone or with the partner)?
  • Are there any capital gains or investments that can be taken into account?
  • How much rent and additional costs are there monthly?
  • What other fixed costs, such as mobile phone, Internet, insurance, etc. are incurred?
  • What is your average cost of food?
  • Do you spend on leisure and personal interests / hobbies?
  • How much do you have to spend monthly for your children (eg for education, maintenance, etc.)?
  • Are there any other obligations in the form of loans?

These and other factors influence how high a future loan can be for you. Depending on how large the sum that comes out on the bottom line in your budget, you can apply for a more or less high credit . In addition, data on your solvency in credit bureaus such as Schufa has an impact on how well your credit rating can be judged.

Calculate your personal credit options

Calculate your personal credit options

Knowing how much money you have on a monthly basis helps you to better understand what loan amounts you can potentially receive. Surely you already know what you want to finance. Accordingly, you think about the sum that is necessary for this project.

With the knowledge of the required loan amount, you can now target the search for suitable providers. Depending on the financial scope, higher or lower monthly installments are now available to you to finance your dream loan. With the term, this factor can be influenced. For longer terms, the credit rates are correspondingly lower. Nevertheless, the entire interest burden is higher, you should always keep that in mind.

An example calculation

An example calculation

By means of a calculation example we would like to clarify the information given to you a little bit. Here we want to start from a fictitious person named Lercel, who is single and has a permanent employment relationship. We start from the average values ​​for persons living in Germany.

  • Monthly net salary of 1972.26 euros (based on data from the German Pension Insurance for the estimated average income for 2018)
  • Monthly budget expenditure of 1240 euros (according to Statista for the year 2016. These include costs for rent, utilities, food, leisure, etc.)

These figures give Lercel a freely disposable amount of € 732.26 per month. Now let’s assume that Lercel also finances a small loan and a car and puts monthly reserves aside:

  • Rate for the small loan: 90 euros
  • Rates for the car loan: 180 euros
  • Reserves: 150 euros

This results in 312.26 euros, which are completely free for Lercel. Now he wants to take out a loan of € 10,000 and turns to Postbank for it. We now assume that he would receive the conditions from the 2/3 example:

  • 10,000 euros net loan amount
  • 60 months duration
  • Annual percentage rate of 3.78%

This results in a monthly payable rate of 187 euros. This could easily be carried by the capacities available to him. In principle, in this example, even a higher loan amount would be possible or a shorter term. Lercel would also have the opportunity to repay the borrowed 10,000 euros in a shorter time than the specified 60 months. Alternatively, he can always get a short loan from vendors like Neofunding with such an income.

Small loan for the self-employed

What is a small loan for the self-employed?

A small loan for self-employed are loans in which the loan amount is very low. The credit periods amount to a small loan for self-employed on usually only 24 to 36 months. The loan amounts smell up to approx. 20.000.- Euro and are to be applied for under simplified credit criteria and collateral.

A loan or small loan for the self-employed is given only under difficult conditions, since small entrepreneurs do not have a regular and secured income like an employee or civil servant. But also small enterprises need leverage for the growth like order pre-financing and supplier liabilities.

Ideally, a loan for self-employed due to the low interest rate also for the rescheduling or replacement of an expensive current account overdraft or credit line to finally lead the checking account in the positive area.

Each company is individually to look at and has other opportunities for corporate financing, we are happy to help you in a financial advice. Please fill in the following form.

A small loan for the self-employed opens up new possibilities

A small loan for the self-employed opens up new possibilities

A loan gives a self-employed person more financial leeway. The self-employed can take advantage of a small loan offers and also bridge financial bottlenecks. For a self-employed person to be able to claim a small loan, he has to fulfill a number of conditions, because, after all, the bank wants to make sure that the borrower repays the loan in full.

The applicant must have reached the age of 18 and must be fully capable of acting. However, it also checks the creditworthiness of the borrower, whether this is also able to pay back the loan in a given repayment period.

Requirements for a small loan for the self-employed

Requirements for a small loan for the self-employed

For a small loan for the self-employed some conditions must be fulfilled, since the security “a regulated income” is not given. What condition is necessary for a credit institution to grant a small loan to a self-employed person is different from one credit institution to another.

But there are prerequisites that must be fulfilled for almost all loans for the self-employed:

  • No negative Schufa entries
  • Self-employed for several years (no founders)
  • Seat of the enterprise must be in Germany
  • Presentation of the business evaluation

In addition, collateral or a guarantor increase the prospect of a small loan. As a security, but also a property can be specified.

What to look for in a loan? – Serious Loan

It can happen very quickly that your own financial situation changes so much that there is no way around a loan. If there are already debts or your own credit rating is negative, there are quickly some stumbling blocks that need to be overcome. With such bad conditions, the possibilities for a loan shrink very drastically. Often the house bank refuses directly and so it is impossible to prevent many consumers on the Internet looking for a reputable lender. This is already the most important keyword fell, because often are very dubious institutions that come up with extremely high fees. Consumers are advised to conduct a thorough search before signing any contracts.

Serious loans with high interest rates

Serious loans with high interest rates

A loan can also be applied for with a negative record. Nevertheless, there are certainly some limitations. Even if the current lending rates are very comfortable, only borrowers with a positive lei benefit from it. All other customers are more likely not to pass the exorbitant lending rates. Because that’s how the individual banks secure themselves. In this way, a consumer credit is possible, which ensures financial security. Before any applications are completed, a detailed and extensive search must be made. Often the individual institutes offer different credit models. In addition, the seriousness plays a significant role. If it is a completely unknown bank and this requires advance payments, then you should rather take distance.

A conversation with the house bank

A conversation with the house bank

The many traps are a real problem if the records turns out to be negative. At the present time, however, no bank waives a credit check. Even if the chances are rather bad, consumers should necessarily have a conversation with the house bank. In most cases, this does not grant credit, but it can sometimes be that the syndicate loan can be corrected upwards again by a certain amount. For example, customers first come to liquid cash that does not require traditional consumer credit. Although the interest on the syndicated loan is slightly higher, but you save the way through a very normal microcredit, just as mentioned above can bring some problems. Finally, with a bad records, it is incredibly important to have a very thorough research.

Credit with immediate payment

Loan payment within 4 days

Loan payment within 4 days

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

The loan with immediate payment is indeed impressive. Because in some bank branches or credits shops there is actually the credit decision in less than an hour and the subsequent payout. For this loan to really work and be fun, you should keep a few things in mind:


Almost as fast as a bank robbery – but unpunished

Almost as fast as a bank robbery - but unpunished

In the former world of bank branches and marble palaces, an instant payout loan would have been unthinkable. Although loan processing was largely standardized and only real estate loans were really extensive, credit checks took a long time to complete. The loan with immediate payment works differently! If you have all the documents with you and meet the requirements, then there is virtually nothing in the way of a payout on the same day.

Reserved for those who have income from non-employment

Whether you can repay the loan by paying the monthly installments, the lender wants to know before paying the money. Not because of exaggerated curiosity or data collecting anger, but in order later as possible no long phases of the post-processing or even the default have to accept. The immediate payment is therefore possible with different, stable income or income types!

So if you take your current proof of income in the form of a salary or pension statement, then a stable income base is available as the basis for calculation. In the case of freelancers or even doctors with their own practice, recalculation by a bank specialist of the bank is also necessary, which is why a further processing step is called in here for securing purposes. But if you can provide income proof of fixed income, then the credit check goes on quickly.

Experience and customer behavior in numbers

Proof of income is checked manually and with a few cross-checks, which can sometimes take only half an hour to one hour. Then the bank asks business partners in standardized form, whether you already had similar loans and how then runs the repayment phase. From this, the bank or the financing partner calculates an interest rate that is adjusted to the duration and amount of the loan as well as the creditworthiness of the borrower. If you do not have an account with the bank or the financing partner, then you should still bring a valid identity card or passport. Then the loan with immediate payment is also available on the same day.

Payment by cash or bank transfer

With the loan with immediate disbursement you have the freedom of choice, whether you want to take the money in the bank branch or the Creditshop immediately in cash or whether you would prefer a transfer. Since the transfer periods in Germany are now only 1-2 working days, the transfer is recommended – in order not to be traveling with a large amount of cash in the city.